I will wear it with pride.

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Yesterday, my package of Tripawds gear arrived at work. Two shirts and a ceramic travel mug.

My friend asked if I was going to send it back.

“No. I’m keeping it. The Tripawds community has given me more in the past few weeks than I could imagine. It’s a great community”

And that’s the truth. You have laughed with us, cheered us on, and cried with us. You are good friends to have.

I will proudly drink my coffee from my Tri-Harder mug. And I will wear my t-shirt and polo shirt with pride.

And you know what, we did Tri-Harder.

I believe Achilles is grateful to us for tri-ing, and I believe he is grateful for us helping him out of this body.

I may be full of poo – but I take comfort in believing that my furkids move on into the spirit world, and they are moving freely, comfortably without the constraints of their bodies. And they are still here and they are in spirit and we will be together again.

I love you all for all you’ve given us.

Thank you.

Janet and Spirit Achilles

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Rest in Peace beautiful Achilles

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

This morning I went to visit Achilles.

He looked so tired. They were running the bloodwork when I came in.

His kidneys were failing. The numbers off the chart they were so bad.

We had to help him out of this body and on into the spirit world.

Spirit Dog Achilles is now running with his girlfriend Aris. I know  she met him to take him home.

Love and kisses to everyone.

Good News

Vet called 1st thing at 7;30 this morning

He said, “I was worried about Achilles, so I’ve been here since 5 am. I came in and he was bright-eyes and sitting up wagging his tail! He’s looking really good!”


Achilles hasn’t really wagged his tail in over a month! maybe longer!  I’m so happy and so relieved. We’ll keep doing what we’re doing to keep him nourished and hopefully home and healed soon.

Love you all!!

Thank you Thank you for prayers and kind support

Janet and Achilles

Surgery this morning

Besides throwing up anything I gave him, Everything else is looking better – no more infection at amputation site, numbers for kidneys going in the right direction.

Achilles is looking bright.

We just have to get food into him and keep it down.

This morning Dr. will insert a feeding tube. Because Achilles is so big, he won’t be able to completely bypass the stomach and get into the intestine. Hoping getting the food into the stomach will be enough. Keeping paws crossed. I am nervous about him being sedated, but I know Dr wouldn’t do it if he didn’t think Achilles could handle it. He’s been up front about the risks all along. I trust him.

I realized last night that I keep putting cool tripawds items into a shopping cart, but not completing the purchase. It’s because I am afraid I’ll have tripawds things, but no tripawd. I am taking the leap of faith this morning and buying a few things and believing that Achilles is going to make it and I will be able to wear out the items and even buy some more!



Oh boy – back to the vet – again.

Ruff weekend here.

Saturday night Achilles wouldn’t/couldn’t keep anything down – pedialite, food, water nothing. I even tried just an ounce of fluid or an ounce of food – even that he’s throwing back up.

If only we can get him to keep some food down i think we”ll make it over this big bump in the road!

This morning (Monday Oct 18, 2010) I took him back to the vet to run bloodwork and get some fluids in him.

The bloodwork looks “good” –  blood levels are still low – that’s the same

the kidney number is now 12 – last Thursday it was 13.2 (normal is 1.8)

so, while it’s not good, we are still in the game!

Dr. is tossing around the idea of a feeding tube to bypass the stomach just to keep some nutrition in him. Achilles will still have the option to eat if/when he wants to, and we”ll be able to make sure he gets food and keeps it down.

Keeping our paws crossed. We don’t want to drag this out indefinitely for Achilles. If he chooses to quit, I will certainly let him, but so far he really seems to want to fight. So we’re going with it.

some pictures. I am still figuring out this posting stuff. Hopefully it works.

Achilles is looking really good today!

This morning Achilles is bright-eyed, alert, looking around. Took him out this morning and he pee’d right away.  He’s looking really good today.

Yesterday, the manager at Petsmart called Dave to bring Achilles to the store. They got a low flat cart and took Achilles to see all his friends there.

He was so happy with all the workers and customers loving on him. It was so good for him!

I love our Petsmart and thank you, Chase! (one of the mgr’s.)

All the support here at TriPawds is awesome. Your encouragement has REALLY helped us.

Hoping you all have a lovely Saturday!

Janet & Achilles

Back to the vet this morning…

Have been force feeding Achilles – – Also forcing pedialite.

He’s drinking very little on his own and no appetite whatsoever.

Could be anything – withdrawal from the meds he was on for so long, kidneys failing, just giving up… who knows?

Back to the vet –

kidneys are getting worse.

Flushing again today….

The support here is amazing!

Achilles and I are so grateful for all the support in this community!


Tripawd Pawrents are the BEST!

Thank you all for the encouragement and suggestions and prayers and thoughtfulness

and Thank you Tripawds.com for being here for us.

We’re at 2 weeks post amputation.

This morning I found Achilles bright-eyed and up resting on his elbow waiting for everyone else to wake up.

Yesterday he didn’t eat anything. I forced the goats milk/egg mixture down, then he ate a bee about an hour later. I don’t know if it was the bee or not, but he threw all that up. So a little while later I gave him about a cup of pedialite. He kept that down. Still no interest in food, so gave about another half cup of that last night before bed.

He did have a BM yesterday!!! Woo-hoo! Poo!!! so he’s functioning. that’s the good stuff.

Took him outside this morning. His front legs are getting stronger. A little more coordinated with the back leg, but still very weak. Ordered a hock holder from orthodog, hoping that will lend some support as he had hyperextended it last Saturday. That should arrive today. I’ll let you know if it helps.

Making bacon and eggs this morning. maybe he’ll want some of that.

Thank you all so very much for your support!

Tri-ing Harder

~Janet,  Achilles Mom

Amputation Surgery and the 1st week after

The surgery was Thursday Sept 30. Friday morning he was doing so well, they felt he could come home. We were so excited he could be off the pain meds finally! Past the risk of ulcers and all the collateral damage from meds!

Friday was good. We helped him down the steps to go pee and he would take off ahead of us! We thought wow! this is great! I didn’t expect it would be this good so fast! He slept a lot through the day, but when we took him outside he was happy to lie in the yard. When we weren’t looking he would move around, so we really didn’t get  a good look at how he was moving.

Early Saturday morning I was out with him and he got up to pee. He wouldn’t let me help him. As I was watching he leaned so forward he hyperextended his ankle. I ran over and lifted his bum to relieve the pressure as he was still going. It seemed from there he went downhill.

As Saturday progressed he wouldn’t eat or do much of anything – he just lay there. Sunday was worse. He wouldn’t use his remaining leg. We carried him outside. He dragged himself under some bushes near the house where he liked to hide and didn’t move. I thought oh no, we’ve ruined it – it’s dislocated or damaged, now he’ll be virtually helpless.

Sunday we dragged him out onto the deck. He ate lots of ice for me. In the afternoon he threw up.  It was all blood, a bit of meat he had eaten – and a drainage tube from the amputation. He had pulled that out and eaten it! I thought at the time that it was all blood he had consumed from licking the drain tubes. (The vet had told me there were 2. I had seen just one – 2 ends – I thought maybe the vet didn’t want to confuse me!)  Achilles didn’t eat any food the rest of the day and barely drank any water. He did eat some ice cubes.

By Sunday night he was dying. He had nothing left. He lay there nearly lifeless for hours. My husband was crying. My teenage daughters asked what was wrong. I told them I didn’t think Achilles was going to make it through the night. They asked to come downstairs I said “absolutely yes!” As they sat near his head petting him he seemed to perk up.  He looked at each of us directly and deliberately. He ate some ice cubes and drank a little water. We slept next to him through the night on the dining room floor.

Monday (Oct 4, 2010)  morning we took him to the vet.

He had a gastric ulcer and was bleeding internally. This was life or death. Additionally the amputation was infected -remember the drain tube he ate?!  We were devastated – to get to this point – where he would no longer need the pain meds – we thought we made it in time! – and now the ulcer happens. The doctor said he’ll be here for several days to get the ulcer under control. Then we could look at the other leg later to see how it was and why he wasn’t using it.

Tuesday (Oct 5, 2010) He seemed to be stabilizing but still a very sick dog, and he’s anemic.

Wednesday The vet called and said the bloodwork was better but not great – “we’re going the right direction but very slowly. The thing is we don’t want him to give up” I asked if it would help if we came to visit him. Dr. said it wouldn’t hurt! So I immediately got myself together and went to visit. Achilles ate his food for me by hand, and was happy for me to hold the water bowl so he could drink with the cone of shame. He really seemed to be perking up.

Thursday  – The Helpemup.com harness arrived (that I wished I had ordered BEFORE the surgery but didn’t know it existed) I took it and some food and treats that Achilles liked to hopefully entice him to eat Thursday morning. The harness was a huge help for the staff and I promised to order one for them for other big dog patients. He cheered up when I came in and I sat with him for about an hour. Dave went to visit him in the evening and Achilles ate for him.

Friday – neither Dave nor I could visit due to work. The vet called and said good news / bad news – The bloodwork is improving, he’s using his leg some, but the kidneys are failing.  right now I have to flush the kidneys. We lose the kidneys we lose the dog. – I found myself desperately seeking anything for hope  – I searched for St Francis medals and prayers. Sometimes we aren’t in control.

Saturday morning – I went up to visit first thing in the morning before work. Achilles looked great – bright, happy to see me.  – Dr. said He’ll get more attention from you at home over the weekend than he will here. I think he can go home with you. I’ll give the meds he needs. We’ll give you our numbers  – if anything goes wrong we’ll leave the catheter in you can call us and bring him straight in.

WOW! Didn’t expect that!! So happy – we get to take him home! I called Dave and asked how close he was – he asked why is something wrong? I said ‘he can come home today!!!’

Post-amp Days 10, 11

Sunday 10-10-10 Achilles doesn’t want to do much. He hasn’t pee’d or pooed since we brought him home yesteray. His testicles are very swollen and sore and sensitive to the touch. The amputation site is draining and it runs down onto them, so I am constantly cleaning the area with a damp cloth. He managed to tear a stitch off the top and so there is a large open hole near his hip. He won’t eat. Dr says it’s important we get some nutrition in him. I bought canned goats milk, and a high calorie paste from petsmart. The paste is nice because when I rub it on his teeth he licks it off and therefore has to eat. We gave him some goats milk by syringe. Also some pedialite. He’s drinking water some and eating ice cubes. Sleeping a lot. He likes it when we take him out in the yard, but gets very tired after only a few steps.

Finally in the afternoon we were sitting outside hoping he would pee. Dave walked toward him , Achilles rolled over like he was playing and tried to get up  – we quickly got under him to help  – he stood and started peeing!!!! yay! he peed all over our hands as we both were holding him up, but that’s alright – at least he went!  – And standing on his feet!

Dr. said to put peroxide through the drainholes since Achilles has pulled them both out now. That helped a lot – the amputation looks a lot better and a lot of yuck came out of there.

Monday 10-11-10 Achilles seems to be getting a bit stronger in his legs every time we take him out. He still tires very quickly after a few steps, and he wants to lie down, but we’re going just a little farther everytime. We are still using the helpemup harness – that’s a huge help  – it’s not a perfect solution – but it sure is the best I’ve got so far.  Added bonus is the strap around the amputation forces some of the yuck out the drainholes when we have him stand up. I know it sounds gross, and yes, it is gross, but it’s reality with an amputation. We got vaseline to put on his testicles to help keep that area from chafing – it seemed to help today and the swelling seems to be going down some. Achilles did not stand up to pee today. He did pee this morning lying outside. Still no bowel movement – but then he really hasn’t had much food. We are forcing the goats milk and high calorie paste.

This evening we blended 2 pasturized eggs, some chopped parsley, cholodin and omega oils  – we gave it to him via syringe. Some decent nutrition in that I hope.